Parish Councillors

Councillor's Register of Interests Forms can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


Councillor Justin Griffiths, Chairman

Tel: 07867 540750     E-mail:

Planning and Personnel Committee


Councillor Leigh Beeton




Councillor Sheila Bradley

Tel: 07790 793075     E-mail:

Planning, Personnel Committee, Parish Hall and Highways Representative


Councillor Julie Cox

Tel: 01234 871505     E-mail:

Planning, Appeals Committee, Recreation Grounds and Communications Officer


Councillor Roger Hopkins, Vice Chairman

Tel: 01234 871979     E-mail:

Planning, Appeals Committee and Recreation Grounds Officer


Councillor Tracy Lavers

Tel: 07761 320244     E-mail:

Planning, Appeals Committee and Finance Officer



Planning, Personnel Committee, Schools Liaison, Defibrillator, Highways and Footpaths/Rights of Way Officer